McDonald’s love its customers. The taste-rich burgers that this fast-food company serves are undoubtedly dearest to numerous customers in the world. The McDVOICE Survey by McDonald’s is a small effort by the restaurant to reach out to the customers and collect their thoughts and feedback.

If you are a McDonald’s customer, you simply can’t afford to miss out on the perks and rewards that this customer survey offers.  The McDVOICE Survey can be your tool to connect with the management team of McDonald’s and make sure that your future visits to their premises are much more pleasant.

Participation in this survey demands a systematic process from your side. Though, the survey participation process is simple, less time-demanding, and of course, secure.

Answer Survey or Take Help

The McDVOICE Survey is widely regarded as an incredible tool for McDonald’s to provide the maximum customer satisfaction level on their premises.

McDVOICE Survey Participation Guide

To answer this online survey, just read the guide published in this section and follow the steps explained in the same. We ensure that participation in this survey will be a piece of cake for you if you follow these steps by heart.

  1. To answer the survey, you must know the exact platform where this survey is made available. The survey is answerable at the URL
  2. On the home page, you will see an option to change your language preference. You can access this survey portal in any one of English or Spanish. By default, the portal is available in English. You can change it to Spanish by clicking the Espanol link.
  3. Then, comes the initiation of the survey. To begin with, submit the 26-digit survey code that you will find on your McDonald’s purchase receipt. After submitting it, hit the Start button.
  4. On the next page, you will see a questionnaire that encapsulates the questions regarding your last visit to McDonald’s.
  5. Read every question carefully and answer the same. It becomes important for you to be genuine with your survey answers.  Remember, McDonald’s genuinely desires to serve you with the best. Thus, it becomes important for you as a customer to stay honest and sincere with your survey answers.
  6. Once you answer all the questions, tap the Submit button.
  7. On the next page, you are being asked to submit your contact information just for McDonald’s reference.
  8. They use these contact details to connect with you if you become the lucky winner of this survey.
  9. As a conclusion of the survey, you will receive a validation code. You can redeem this code at any of the McDonald’s store in the United States and get your survey rewards.

Just go through the above steps once and follow them as they are explained. You need not do anything special to complete the McDVOICE Survey and claim the survey rewards. Just a basic knowledge of technology and you are good to go.

Survey NameMcDVOICE
Parent CompanyMcDonald's
CountryUnited States
ParticipantsMcDonald's Customers

What Are The McDVOICE Survey Prerequisites?

This customer survey comes with a minimal set of requirements. The higher flexibility and easy interface is a primary reason for this survey being so easy to answer. Have a look at the prerequisites of this survey below.

  1. The first and foremost requirement of this survey is your purchase receipt. You must have a purchase receipt alongside you to take a part in this survey.
  2. But, just having a purchase receipt is not sufficient. You must have a survey code stamped on it.
  3. Next, you must have a few minutes to invest in answering this survey.
  4. This customer satisfaction is available in the online mode only. Thus, as a McDVOICE participant, you must have access to a high-speed internet connection.
  5. Also, you will require a device through which you can access this online portal. The portal is compatible with any mobile phone, laptop, or computer.

McDonald’s understand the importance of this survey. This is the reason they analyze every comment they receive in this survey and executes the necessary changes with perfection. If you are a McDonald’s customer, you can provide your valuable contribution to the improvement of the company’s services by answering this survey.

McDVOICE Survey Questionnaire

You might be wondering what questions are there in this survey questionnaire? Is there any option where I can place my inconveniences? Is there any complain section available? For answers, just scroll down.

  1. Firstly, you will be asked about the store you visited last time.
  2. Also, some questions on the taste of the food you received will be asked.
  3. Next, you will be told to rate the staff-behaviour of the McDonald’s.
  4. Then, you will also be asked to rate the ambience and the hygiene of the McDonald’s.
  5. A separate text field where you can explain your issue in detail will be provided.
  6. Also, you will be asked about the frequency of your visits to McDonald’s.

Thus, it becomes clear that the McDVOICE Survey purely consists of questions that are simple to answer. This is because most of the questions are purely based on your last visit to the company.

McDVOICE Survey at works as a tool for both, the company and the customer.

McDVOICE Survey Rewards

The McDonald’s management team values the time you invest and they value your opinions. This is the reason they offer you rewards for your participation in this survey.

If you answer the McDVOICE Survey entirely, you will be offered some rewards. Most of the times, you are offered discounts on your purchases from McDonald’s. But, the rewards of this survey changes at regular intervals.

The rewards also depend on your locality, the time period in which you take the survey, and the offers at McDonald’s.

McDVOICE Survey Terms And Conditions

The survey comes with a certain set of terms and conditions that you need to keep in mind. These terms and conditions ensure the transparency of the survey. Transparency is the reason that this survey is popular among McDonald’s customers and these rules are the reasons for the transparency that this survey comes with.

  1. Firstly, the survey is available solely in online mode. The customer must not look for this survey in the offline mode. This will lead them to some sort of scams.
  2. Then, you must have a purchase made from McDonald’s to answer this survey. This is because only a customer who has made a purchase from the McDonald’s can genuinely review the restaurant.
  3. The redeemable coupon code will be made available to the customers only after they answer the McDVOICE Survey entirely.
  4. Having a purchase receipt along with a survey code is a must for the survey participants. Without these things, they won’t be able to enter the survey.
  5. The customers must be honest while answering this survey. If at any point, the management team feel that the participant is not genuine with his answers, his participation will be terminated.


Is participation in the McDVOICE Survey mandatory?

Participation in this survey is not mandatory but recommended. If you wish to get a more pleasant experience at McDonald’s then McDVOICE Survey can help you out with it.

How many bucks do I need to pay to answer the McDVOICE Survey?

Zero. You need not pay a single cent to answer the survey. In fact, you get rewards after you complete the McDVOICE Survey.

From which McDonald’s store can I answer the McDVOICE Customer Satisfaction Survey in the offline mode? 

Currently, the McDVOICE Survey is available in the online mode only. No offline mode this survey is available for any customer.

Is my participation in this survey secure?

Yes. Your participation in the McDVOICE Survey is extremely secure. You need not worry about any loss of your data or the exposure of your personal information to any third-party by any means.

Where is the McDVOICE Survey portal available? 

The McDVOICE Survey is available at the URL address

McDVOICE Survey Primary Objectives

McDonald’s are always eager to provide visiting customers with the best. Though they are one of the most popular fast-food companies in the country, they still believe that they have a lot more to offer.

Interacting with customers and collecting their thoughts and opinions is the best way to do so. But, they have millions of customers and interacting with them is difficult. This is the reason they have introduced the McDVOICE Survey. The survey allows them to interact with customers with ease. They have designed the survey such that collecting feedback and opinions become easy.

The survey helps the company to recognise the areas where they lack and rectify them. Thus, analyzing the feedback received in this survey directly boosts their focus on the things that a customer really needs and they don’t offer. This is the reason that they analyze every feedback of the survey and executes them in a very efficient way.

The survey encapsulates some questions that are directly related to your last visit to McDonald’s. Thus, every factor that directly impacts your satisfaction level is covered which is a great thing.

McDVOICE Survey Customer Benefits

So, as a customer, what are the benefits that you get from the McDVOICE Survey? Well, as a customer, the primary benefits of this survey is an enhances customer satisfaction level at McDonald’s. Also, the rewards that this survey offers are a bonus. So, delicious meals from McDonald’s at discounts!

Then, this survey portal can work as a platform for you to place your feedback and opinions regarding the services that you received on your last visit to McDonald’s.

Participating in this survey purely means giving yourself an opportunity to make your future visits to McDonald’s much more pleasant.

McDonald’s Survey Code

You have read above that the McDVOICE Survey Code is a must for you to participate in this survey. But, what this survey code is?

Firstly, make sure that you by no means forget to take your purchase receipt after enjoying your meals at McDonald’s. Remember, this purchase receipt is your gateway to the survey.

Next, when you receive this receipt, check whether the survey code is printed on it. You will find it on the topmost left side of the receipt. This code is the survey code that you need to submit before beginning your participation in this survey.

McDVOICE Survey Customer Support

If by any means, you need to reach out to the customer support team of this survey, just use the contact details published below.

McDonald’s Helpline Number– 1-800-244-6227

McDonald’s Facebook Helpline –

McDonald’s Instagram Helpline –

McDonald’s Twitter Helpline –

Just use the contact details published above to reach out to the customer support team and make sure that you get your issues resolved within a few seconds.

The McDVOICE Survey is easy to participate in, secure to answer at, and rewarding to complete the same. If you are a McDonald’s customer, your participation is extremely valuable to McDonald’s. The McDVOICE Survey just demands your few minutes and in return, promises you things that are beneficial for your time you spend at McDonald’s.

The flexibility that this survey offers clearly explains the thoughts that McDonald’s have invested behind designing this portal. They have made sure that a person from any background, and with little or no technical knowledge can answer the survey questionnaire.

It becomes important for you to take a note of or take a screenshot/print out of the redeemable code that you receive after answering this survey. You can get your rewards only after you validate this code at any of the McDonald’s stores.

That’s that! You might have understood the importance and process of the McDVOICE Survey. If not, and if you are not able to answer the survey, just use the comment section below and shoot your doubts there. We will be reaching out to you within no time with a proper solution.

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