Survey Directives

When we talk about McDVOICE Survey, a simple and easy user-interface are some of the thoughts in our mind. But, with everything that is so good, there are some rules and regulations needed that maintains its integrity and transparency.

The McDVOICE Survey is no different. It comes with certain rules and regulations that are definitely needed to keep the customer’s mind at peace in terms of portal security. So, what are they? The answer lies in this section. Just, enjoy reading!

McDVOICE Survey Directives

  1. No customer who is not a lawful citizen of the USA must answer this survey. Remember, this survey is open only to the legal residents of the country.
  2. Only the person whose age is 18 or above can access the survey questionnaire.
  3. To rate the services of McDonald’s, enjoying them at least once is mandatory.
  4. While answering this survey, having a purchase receipt alongside you is a must.
  5. On the purchase receipt, the survey code must be stamped. If there is no survey code, you won’t be able to start the survey.
  6. You will be offered the survey rewards only if you validate the redeemable code that you receive in the end.
  7. Also, you must entirely answer the survey if you wish to get the redeemable code.
  8. McDonald’s possesses a right to change the survey rewards or terminate the participation of the customers.
  9. No request to exchange the rewards or transfer them to someone else will be entertained.
  10. You must be ready to submit your personal information after answering this survey. Your personal information is asked just for the company’s reference and is completely secure with McDonald’s.

McDVOICE Survey once answered guarantees a boost in the customer satisfaction level at McDonald’s. Honesty matters in this survey. Your every feedback will deeply impact the services of McDonald’s which makes it very important for you to answer the survey questionnaire honestly.