Your Rewards

Along with a guarantee of serving the best, the McDVOICE Survey also offers rewards to the participants. We value the time and the efforts you invest to answer our survey.

We have been looking fora reliable way to communicate with our customers in the country. And, the McDVOICE Survey has provided us with a way to do so. Our team has burnt its midnight oil to make sure that the survey portal is safe, secure, and easy for you to use.

McDVOICE Survey Rewards

As soon as you complete this survey, you are offered a redeemable code. This code is your key to claim the survey rewards. Just note down this code on your purchase receipt and validate the same on your next visit to McDonald’s.

Validating this code will offer you some decent discounts on the purchase you make from any of the McDonald’s store.

The McDVOICE validation code is valid only for one month. Thus, make sure that you validate it within a month of your participation. After the expiry date, you won’t be able to redeem your code and thus get rewards.

McDonald’s makes it clear that no request to extend the validation date of your code will be entertained. Also, they don’t expect anyone to make a request for rewards exchange or rewards transfer. Even if someone does it, they won’t entertain it.

Also, it becomes important for the participants to know that the survey rewards may vary according to the locality and the time period in which you answer this survey. If you are a McDVOICE Survey participant, a reward is guaranteed.

Also, you will not receive the McDVOICE Survey rewards if the management team cancels your participation due to your lack of sincerity while answering the survey. No request for the rewards after your participation is terminated will be entertained.